20 pcs Toroid Inductor Kit Small Size Inductance Copper Coil 5026 330UH 3A for Transformers DIY Circuit Board

Price: $14.09 - $13.39
(as of Nov 27,2022 12:29:06 UTC – Details)

Item Type: Toroid Inductor WireQuantity: 20

Package List:
20 x Toroid Inductor Wire

【EASY INSTALLATION】 The outer diameter of the magnetic ring is 13mm, the thickness of the magnetic ring is 5mm, and the wire diameter is 0.45mm.
【CHARACTERISTIC】 The electrical characteristics of an inductor are the opposite of capacitors, “passing low frequencies and blocking high frequencies.” The resistance to direct current is almost zero.
【MAGNETIC RING INDUCTANCE】 5026 330UH 3A ring inductor is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, and it is easy to install in a small volume.
【INDUCTANCE COIL】 20pcs toroidal inductor is made of high quality copper coil. The inductance coil has stable performance and long service life.
【APPLICATION AREA】 Widely used in supply circuits, miniature TVs, adapters, DC-DC step-up / step-down power modules, various electronic products, etc.

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