4026 / CD4026BE Logic IC Decade Counter/Divider,DIP-16 (PACK OF 10) by Indian Hobby Center

Price: ₹ 500.00 - ₹ 429.00
(as of Feb 02,2023 21:41:20 UTC – Details)

Additional inputs and outputs for the counter include DISPLAY ENABLE input and DISPLAY ENABLE and UNGATED “C-SEGMENT” outputs. A high RESET signal clears the decade counter to its zero count. The counter is advanced one count at the positive clock signal transition if the CLOCK INHIBIT signal is low.
Counter advancement via the clock line is inhibited when the CLOCK INHIBIT signal is high. The CLOCK INHIBIT signal can be used as a negative-edge clock if the clock line is held high. Antilock gating is provided on the JOHNSON counter, thus assuring proper counting sequence.
Logic Family / Base Number: CD4026; Counter Type: Decade / Divider; Clock Frequency: 16MHz; Count Maximum: 5; No. of Pins: 16Pins; Supply Voltage: 3V – 18V; Logic IC Family: CD4000; Logic IC Base Number: 4026.

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