Taparia Digital Voltage Tester MDT 81


1. To Measure 12V to 220V AC and DC Voltage. To locate the breakpoint of an insulated wire. To check the flow of current in an insulated wire from outside.
2. For checking the phase line and neutral line, place the tester blade on the PVC insulation of the wire. Only in the case of Phase line flash mark will appear on the LCD display.
3. To check continuity on parallel lines, it is necessary to separate them from each other, so as to eliminate interference. Breaking point can be detected by touching the outside of PVC insulation of the wire. The exact breakpoint will be at the place where the flash mark stops glowing
4. To check the flow of current in an insulated wire from outside The extreme right displayed voltage is the voltage of the wire tested, whether it is 12V, 36V, 55V, 110V, 220V. The digital tester will display full voltage value eg. 220V when at least 70% of 220V is measured, else it will show the lower step voltage i.e. 110V
5. To locate breakpoint of an insulated wire to check DC voltage touch upper button of the tester to check continuity or breakpoint of a wire



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