AC to DC Power Supply, DROK AC 110V-220V to DC 0-48V Converter LED Adjustable AC-DC Transformer 48V 10A 480W Switching Power Supply Voltage Regulated Converter Built in Cooling Fan

Price: $35.99
(as of Jan 24,2023 22:42:18 UTC – Details)

Input voltage: AC 110-220V ± 15%
Output: DC 0-48V 10A 
Rated power: 480W
Product Dimension: 215*115*50mm (length*width*height)

〨: Ground
N: Null wire
L: Live wire
V+: DC output +
V-: DC output –

Instructions for use:
The current is unregulated and maximum is 10A. The actual current is determined by load.
Any devices below 10A current can use this product. Any devices above 10A current cannot use this product.

Before using, please select the input voltage 110V/220V according to your local voltage, to avoid damaging, switch is at right side of the item.

If use motor, fan and other inductive load, please pay attention to the load’s maximum starting current parameter. This parameter shall not be higher than the power supply’s max current. Otherwise it may damage the power supply. Otherwise you need to allocate the soft starting protection circuit for the load to absorb the impact current.

Package includes:
1 x AC-DC Switch Power Supply

【Voltage Adjustment】Input voltage range is AC 110-220V. Output voltage range is DC 0-48V and fully adjustable. The voltage meter is 0.1v precision. But no matter how many Volts the voltage is adjusted, the current is 10A and not adjustable, the actual current is determined by the load. Make sure to use it for devices with current below 10A, but don’t use it for devices over 10A.
【Digital Display】The nice LED display of this universal adapter shows a real-time voltage, which makes it more convenient to adjust the output voltage.
【Smart Cooling Fan】Equipped with temperature control cooling fan: it will automatically operate when the power converter gets hot with low noise.
【Various Protection Function】Over load protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection, which will protect your load well. NOTE: It’s default 220V, before using, please select the input voltage 110V/220V according to your local voltage, to avoid being damaged, switch is at the right side of it.
【Multiple-purpose Switching Power Supply】Mainly used for a variety of DC equipment, DC motor stepless speed regulation, LED stepless dimming, chemical electrolysis and plating speed regulation, research and testing, student experiment and so on. Also works great for a CNC project, radio, LED strips.

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