AONTOKY Ultrasonic Ranging Alarm Learn to Solder Electronics Kit for Soldering Practicing DIY Kit with HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Module

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Product description
Ultrasonic Ranging Alarm Soldering Electronics Project DIY Learning Practice Kit With HC-SR04 Distance Sensor Module and Buzzer.
Compose of HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor, Parameter Input, Digtal tube display and alarm buzzer.
Use the widely used STC89C52 microcontroller as the core control unit which is popular and easy to use.
The circuit structure is also modular and labelled clearly for easy soldering.
Working voltage: DC 4.5-5.5V.
Measurement distance range: 1.96″ – 157.5″.
Distance (on the Digtal Tube) is shown in Meter.
Package List:
PCB Board X1.
HC-SR04 ultrasonic Ranging sensor X1.
3 Bit Digtal Tube X1.
40P IC Lead Socket X1.
STC89C52 (Programmed) X1.
DC005 Socket X1.
AAA Battery Holder X1.
USB To DC005 Cable X1.
5V Buzzer X1.
5MM Red Led Light X1.
Button X3.
1K Resistor X8.
4.7K Resistor X6.
Diode X3.
9012 Audion X4.
10UF Electrolytic Capacitor X1.
22P Ceramic Capacitor X2.
12M Crystal Oscillator X1.
Self-Locking Push Switch X1.

1. Ranging and Alarm Kit: Composes of a HC-SR04 ultrasonic Ranging sensor module, a buzzer and a STC89C25 chip(Programmed to use).
2. Easy to Solder: Clear symbols on the PCB board for simple welding provide a good experience of electronics soldering.
3. Two power supply options for choice: AAA battery or USB power supply. (a AAA battery case and a USB cable Included).
4. Easy to Setup: Press the +/- button to set the alarm distance and the buzzer will alarm loundly when measurment distance is less than the preset one.
5. Parameter: 4.5-5.5V DC. Measurement distance range: 1.96″ – 157.5″. Please go to “Product Information” section below for user guide if need..

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