Beleeb 20Amp Variable Transformer Auto AC Voltage Regulator Power Supply, 2000VA Max, 0~130 Volt Output

Price: $99.99
(as of Jan 30,2023 05:40:12 UTC – Details)

Beleeb 20 Amp Variable Voltage Transformer, 2000VAC Max,120VAC Input, 0-120V/130VAC Output

a variable AC input to a transformer input DC bridge rectifier to produce a variable output
It is an incredibly affordable isolated variable transformer for equipment testing.
Max. 2000VA,Input Voltage: AC 110V/60Hz,Output Voltage: AC 0-130V/60Hz
This variable transformer is the perfect speed controller. The speed is infinitely variable, and because a transformer doesn’t chop up the AC waveform like electronic speed controllers do, there’s no noise, humming, etc.
If you’re planning on using this as an “industrial” or bench-top supply with heavy loads, I’d recommend examining the brushes and adjusting the spring pressure on the windings. This can improve performance by reducing brush-contact sparking. Otherwise, this device is ready to work right out of the box.

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