CentIoT – DC-DC CC CV Boost Converter Step-up Module – Constant Current Constant Voltage Power Supply Module – 10V-60V to 12V-83V Regulator (1200W 20A)

Price: ₹ 2,245.00
(as of Feb 02,2023 05:25:02 UTC – Details)

This is a non-isolated DC power converter module. High power and stable output, it converts 10-60VDC to 12-83V DC. High-quality components ensure high conversion efficiency, up to 97%. Widely used for high power solar street lamp driving, various LED lighting CV driving, vehicle-mounted and mobile device power supply, DIY adjustable CV CC power supply, solar power charging, and various batteries charging.
Output voltage 12-83V continuously adjustable; Input Over Current Protection:Yes (automatically protect when input is more than 20A, and power supply voltage will not increase); Short Circuit Protection: Yes (input 60A fuse) please operate carefully, try not to cause a short circuit.; Reverse Input Protection:Yes (150A power MOS tube, can be connected reversely for a long time); Output Counter filling: Yes, for charging blocking diode is not required.
Output current: 15A MAX, Over 15A replace existing heatsink with bigger heatsink and fan to enhance heat dissipation
Output power: 1000W, peak 1200W, Input voltage * load current (less 5% loss due to efficiency)
Overcurrent protection: Yes (with reduced flow adjustment, adjustable output current limit, currently exceeds the current limit, the output current is automatically reduced to a minimum 5A, vary according to the nature of the load current.);Short circuit protection:Yes, recommended adding 20A fuse to increase protection.; Input reverse polarity protection: Reverse Input Protection: Yes (150A power MOS reverse protection); Input Low Voltage Protection: Yes (10V-50V adjustable, self-recovery);

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