DDIY 20-Band Music Voice-Activated Wire-Controlled LED Rhythm lamp DIY unassembled Welding Project Electronic kit (Seven Colors Parts)

Price: $12.90
(as of Jan 23,2023 09:36:39 UTC – Details)

[Product parameters]: ☀1. Working voltage: DC 5V☀2. PCB material: 1.6mm RF-4 board, 3. Installation: DIY welding components, ☀4. Type: working logic integrated circuit, ☀5. Temperature: -30-85 ℃. ☀6. Dimensions: 39 * 127 [Product Description]: The 20-segment music rhythm lamp can make the two rows of LED lights flash simultaneously through wireless voice control or wire control mode. It can be connected to the mobile phone audio, computer, speaker line control spectrum, and can also wirelessly control the spectrum function. A variety of colors show the effect of music spectrum lights (night effects are better), please watch the finished work at the end of the product picture, they will be creative gifts and exquisite decorations. This product is designed to practice the user’s electronic knowledge and welding skills, which is very suitable for the school’s basic electronic experiment projects. [Preset]: ♥ Please read the product description carefully and compare the list of parts and components available from customer service. Please remember to attach your order number or full product name to avoid confusion. [Applicable people]: ♥ 1. Students majoring in circuit and electronic welding, 2. Interested in welding and assembly, 3. Strong hands-on ability, 4. Have welding experience. [Warning]: ♥ This product needs to be welded by itself. If you have no welding experience, please read the welding instructions carefully and use welding tools carefully to avoid safety problems. If you need instructions or have any questions about the product, please consult customer service.

★ [Product Description]: The rhythm lamp is composed of resistors, IC, led lights, etc. There are three colors: green blue, red green and colorful. Make the LED flash by wireless voice control or wire control mode. Note: The lights in the two rows must be aligned, such as the red light on the left and the red light on the right. It can be connected with mobile phone audio, computer, speaker and other wire-controlled spectrum. Brighten the eyes.
★ [Assembly Instructions]: The products you received are parts that need to be assembled by yourself, so you need welding ability and electronic knowledge. It is recommended that you read the product assembly instructions to improve the assembly success rate and efficiency. We also have detailed instructions for assembling products. ❤All instructions are available from customer service. ❤
★[Product Tip]: The color and parameters of PCB may be different. We guarantee that it will not affect product functionality. Please do not make any bad comments in this regard. If you find a problem with the description, please contact customer service.
★ [Precautions]: Due to air transportation problems, all products are not equipped with batteries and glue. If the product received is missing components, please contact us as soon as possible

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