DDIY Finished Geiger Counter Electronics Kit Welding Project Practice Kit Nuclear Radiation Detector Miller Tube Assembly Finished Product

Price: $45.99
(as of Nov 27,2022 13:22:24 UTC – Details)

[Product parameter]: Working voltage: DC 5V, 1. PCB material: 1.6mm RF-4 disk, 3. Installation: The finished product is tested and shipped, 3.18 cm. Type: working logic IC, 5. Temperature: -30-85 ° C.
[Product description]: 1) This is the only welding (already assembled) product in our company’s sales list. 2) Used to detect 20mR / h ~ 120mR / h gamma rays and 100 ~ 1800 discount cents / point / cm 2 soft test rays. 3) Sound and light alarm 4) This interface can be connected to a microcontroller and then displayed. 5) Support most Geiger tubes: M4011, STS-5, SBM20, J305, etc. 6) Nuclear magnetic data acquisition, analysis and processing detection.
[Applicable people]: Study on the mechanism of gas ionization, 2.Detecting house radiation 3.no welding experience 4. Students in circuit and electronic welding, etc.
[Note]: The component positions and specifications are printed on our design board, which can be made according to the screen parameters of the motherboard first. Reasonable circuit layout design. Unleash your creativity, the most unique electronics!
[Warning]: If you are not experienced, that’fine ,because. this is finished product ,You just need to adjust。

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