DDIY Responder Soldering Project Kit 4 Circuit DIY Electronic Product Suite

Price: $9.89
(as of Jan 24,2023 09:42:25 UTC – Details)

Production Name: DDIY Responder Soldering Project Kit 4 Circuit DIY Electronic Product Suite

★[Assembly Instructions]: The products you receive are parts that need to be assembled by yourself, so you need soldering ability and electronic knowledge. It is recommended that you read the product assembly instructions to improve the success rate and efficiency of assembly. We also have detailed instructions for assembling the products. ❤All instructions are available from Customer Service. ❤

☆ [Product Tips]: PCB’s color and parameters may be different. We guarantee that the function of the product are not affected. Please do not make any bad comments in this regard. If you find a problem with the description, please contact customer service.

★ [Transportation Notes]: Due to air transport problems, all products are ☞not☜ equipped with batteries and glue.

☆[Product Distribution]: When we distribute our products, we will try our best to distribute the complete components to you, but these are all manually assembled, which will inevitably lead to errors. If you receive products that lack components, please contact us as soon as possible and distribute them to you.

★ [Company Information]: We are a professional manufacturer of electronic DIY components. We produce all kinds of electronic soldering products and related equipments.
Welcome to wholesale. Please contact☎ us by e-mail: liushilin123456@outlook.com.

[Product Parameters]: 1. Working Voltage: DC 5v , 2.Size dimension: : 60MM*70MM, 3. PCB Material: 1.6mm RF-4 Plate, 4. Installation: DIY welding assembly, 5. Type: Logic ICs Operating, 6. Temperature: -30-85℃.
[Product Description]: The answerer can perform 4-way priority answering at the same time. When a button is pressed, the buzzer sounds. At the same time, the number of priority answerers is displayed on the digital tube. After successful answering, the display will not change by pressing other keys. Until the reset key is pressed, the display clears, at which time the next round of rush answer can be carried out.
[Presupposition]:♥Please read the product instructions carefully and compare the parts and component list which can be obtained from customer service. Remember to attach your order number or full name of the product to avoid confusing the instructions.
[Applicable Crowd]:♥1. Student of circuit and electronic soldering, 2. Interested in soldering and assembly, 3. Strong hands-on ability, 4. Experienced in soldering,etc.
[Warning]:♥This product needs to be soldered by yourself. If you have no soldering experience, please read the soldering instructions and use soldering tools carefully in order to avoid safety problems.If you need instructions or have any questions about the product, please consult customer service.

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