DDIY SW FM Radio Electronics Kit Electronic DIY Soldering Project Learning Kit

Price: $18.00 - $14.99
(as of Jan 29,2023 12:19:50 UTC – Details)

☆[Production Name]: DDIY SW FM Radio Electronics Kit Electronic DIY Soldering Project Learning Kit ★[Assembly Instructions]: The products you receive are parts that need to be assembled by yourself, so you need soldering ability and electronic knowledge. It is recommended that you read the product assembly instructions to improve the success rate and efficiency of assembly. We also have detailed instructions for assembling the products. All instructions are available from Customer Service.
[Product Parameters]: ☀1. Working Voltage: 3V ☀2. PCB Material: 1.6mm RF-4 Plate, ☀3. Installation: DIY soldering assembly, ☀4. Type: Logic ICs Operating, ☀5. Temperature: 0-45℃. ☀6. Size dimension:165*98*45mm
[Product description]:The product belongs to the single chip integrated circuit type medium and short wave radio spare parts kit. The model of the integrated circuit is d7612. The machine has the advantages of less peripheral components, high assembly success rate, high sensitivity, stable performance, good selectivity, low power consumption and high output power. It is suitable for beginners to learn electronic welding products.
[Applicable Crowd]: 1. Experienced in soldering, 2. Interested in soldering and assembly, 3. Strong hands-on ability, 4. Learners of circuit and electronic soldering, etc.
[Notes]: Component position and specification parameters are printed on our design board and can be made by first making screen parameters based on the board. Reasonable circuit layout design. Use your creativity, DIY Your most unique electronic product!
[Warning]: This product needs to be soldered by yourself. If you have no soldering experience, please read the welding instructions carefully and use soldering tools carefully in order to avoid safety problems.If you need instructions or have any questions about the product, please consult customer servic

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