DIY Electronic kit Set Cartoon Bear LED Flash Light DIY Electronics sodering Projects

Price: $3.99
(as of Nov 28,2022 19:53:09 UTC – Details)

1 / 4W resistor 330Ω: R1, R4 
1 / 4W resistor 47KΩ: R2, R3 
S9014 Transistor TO-92: Q1, Q2 
5mm LEDs: D1, D2 
10uF electrolytic capacitor: C1, C2 
SS12D00 Toggle Switch Second Gear Three Legs: S1 
CR2032 battery shrapnel: BT1 
PCB: 40X40MM 
3V battery CR2032 (not included)

Package Dimensions:4.9 x 3.5 x 0.3 inches; 0.63 Ounces
Date First Available:January 15, 2020

Product describe:This circuit is a typical self-excited multi-resonance circuit. The kit circuit is simple, easy to understand, highly interesting, and rich in theoretical learning knowledge. It is especially suitable for beginners.
Principle of the circuit:When the power is turned on, the two triodes will compete for conduction first, but due to the differences in components, only one tube will be turned on first. Then the two triodes in the circuit are turned on and off in turn, and the two light-emitting diodes circulate light continuously.
Welding skills:1. Install the resistor; 2. Install the battery shrapnel, pay attention to the opening of the shrapnel facing outwards; 3. Install the toggle switch; 4. Install light-emitting diodes, long needle is positive; 5. Install the electrolytic capacitor, the long pin is positive; 6. Install the triode.
Product parameters:PCB size:40x40mm,3V battery CR2032 power supply, battery is not included in the product.Required tools: electric iron: 30W, solder wire: 0.8mm, tweezers, oblique pliers, multimeter.
After the installation is completed, check whether the components are installed correctly and whether they are welded well. Then insert the battery with the battery’s positive side facing up. Turn the switch on and observe the LED flashing effect.

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