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0805 SMD resistor 1.5K (152): R10 
0805 SMD resistor 10K (103): R2, R3, R19 
0805 Chip Resistor 1K (102): R1, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R18 
0805 SMD resistor 200 (201): R9, R12, R13, R14 
0805 SMD resistor 30K (303): R15 
0805 Chip Resistor 47K (473): R16 
3296 Adjustable Potentiometer 500K (504): RP1 
3296 Adjustable potentiometer 50K (503): RP2 
Porcelain capacitors 0.1uF (104): C1, C4 
Porcelain capacitor 20pF (20): C7 
Light-emitting diode LED1 (red): LED1 
Light-emitting diode LED2 (yellow): LED2 
Light-emitting diode LED2 (green): LED3 
Infrared emitting diode 5MM in-line (transparent): D3 
Infrared receiving diode 5MM (black): D4 
SMD IC LM324: IC1 
SMD IC NE555: IC2 
Inline electrolytic capacitors 100uF: C5 
In-line electrolytic capacitor 10uF: C3 
In-line electrolytic capacitor 1uF: C6 
Inline electrolytic capacitors 47uF: C2 
DIP 1N4148: D1, D2 
2.54-2 Terminal 2Pin: JP1 
2.54 terminal 10CM 
PCB: 70x45mm
1. Install the chip resistor, the resistor is not divided into positive and negative. 
2. Install NE555/LM324, first solder one pin to fix the chip, then solder another one. Pay attention to the installation direction. 
3. Install 1N4148, the position of the black circle is aligned with the mark. 
4. The ceramic capacitor has no positive and negative poles, and the long needle of the capacitor is the positive pole, corresponding to the position of the circuit board +. 
5. Light-emitting diode, infrared emitter, receiving diode, long needle is positive, corresponding to the position of the circuit board +. After the installation, check whether the welding is correct, and whether there is soldering, then connect the 9v power supply, pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the power supply. Reverse will burn the product!

Package Dimensions:5.6 x 3 x 0.3 inches; 0.81 Ounces
Date First Available:January 15, 2020

The infrared reversing radar is composed of a multi-resonant circuit, an infrared signal transmitting and receiving circuit, an infrared signal amplifying and a voltage comparison circuit, and has a simple circuit, low cost, stable voltage operation, and is widely used in various ranging applications.
When the object is close to the circuit board, the green LED, yellow LED, and red LED are sequentially lit according to the distance the object is close to. 3 LEDs are lit at the same time when they are very close. When the object is away from the circuit board, the red LED, yellow LED, and green The LEDs turn off in sequence. When the object is far away from the circuit board, all the lights are off.
Installation sequence: Soldering in the order of the component is recommended to use 0.6-0.8mm solder, 63% tin low melting solder wire, 20W-30W pointed or knife edge.
Product parameters:PCB:70x45mm. input voltage:9v.Suitable for electronic DIY electronic hobby beginners to learn and practice welding.It is widely used in schools to help students learn basic mechanical and electronic skills.
when there is no obstruction above the infrared transmitting tube and the receiving tube, adjust RP1 to light up LED3 on the circuit board, and then adjust RP1 in the opposite direction so that LED3 just goes out. Then use a reflective object (such as white paper) to gradually approach the position between the infrared transmitting tube and the infrared receiving tube . As the distance approaches, LED3 to LED1 light up in sequence, and the infrared reversing radar is installed as required.

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