Etoput LED Cubic Crystal Ball DIY Soldering Practice Project Kit Electronics Learning Kit for Beginners

Price: $12.99
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LED color: RGB
Power supply: Mini USB DC4.5-5.5V 100mA
Power supply type: charger/power adapter/USB
Sound source: external audio input
Control mode: infrared remote control or button control
Basic functions:> 30 animation modes;> 6 spectrum animation modes

8 * 16 LED display
You can switch between different modes as needed:
Offline animation model: free display or button control (only some models can be controlled by buttons or remote control).
Music spectrum mode: The spectrum mode must be connected to the input audio signal so that the optical cube can beat the rhythm of the music spectrum.
Switch modes at any time via the remote control or buttons.

Basic User Manual
Mode button: Change the LED display animation;
Power switch: control voltage;
MINI USB: power and audio input;
Audio socket: audio output;
Work display: automatic flashing;
Infrared receiver: Receive remote control signals and change the animation of the LED display.

▲It is strongly recommended to search for installation instructions before starting the installation!

1 x LED Cubic Crystal Ball DIY Soldering Kit

【DIY practice project kit】This is a set of parts, and each component needs to be welded for assembly and splicing. So you need to prepare the soldering iron and solder in advance. Here you can enjoy the fun of soldering.
【Challenge your patience and soldering skills】 Clearly map and mark the connections on the PCB board to make the assembly clear. Mainly, the soldering of RGB LED requires some skills. It will be easier to build it patiently according to the instructions of the manual.
【Remote control and multiple lighting effects】 After installation, you can control the lighting effects of the LED Cubic Ball through the remote control (built-in includes 30 animations and 6 spectrum modes, does not contain lithium batteries). Also the lighting effect can jump with the input audio.
【Soldering practice and education】This LED cube crystal ball can be used as a tool set for parents to teach their children to learn how to solder, and exercise their hands-on ability. The soldering process requires the company of parents. It is also the first choice for DIYers and soldering beginners. After soldering, you can get an exquisite lighting work and also exquisite home decoration.
【Provide soldering instructions and technical support】This is a DIY kit that requires soldering and assembly. Please download the PDF user manual before installation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly for further assistance.

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