Global Statclean Systems Solder Paste 63/37 500 grams. (500 grams)

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63/37 T3 Solder Paste NCS 63 solder paste is a state of the art made by using high thixotropic no-clean flux and oxide-free spherical powder. This paste is formulated to minimize the soldering defects and long term reliability with defect-free performance No clean flux residues are non-tacky and non-corrosive which gives long terms electrical reliability hence no post solder cleaning is required No change in viscosity after continuous printing thus gives stable printing on high-density electronic assemblies. No bridging, No solder ball, and No slumping after continuous printing Shiny and smooth solder joints STATE Alloy composition –> Sn63 Pb37 Melting point–> 183 º C Particle size–> 20~38μm ( T 4) & 25~ 45 μm ( T 3 ) Powder shape –> Spherical Flux content –> 10 ± 0.50 wt Viscosity –> 180 to 200 Pa.S Shelf life : 6 months Storage conditions : Below 10ºC Instruction For Using a. SOFTENING BEFORE USING:- Take out the solder paste from the refrigerator and keep it at room temperature for 1~1.5 hr. Stir it in softening machine at 300 to 400 RPM for 2-3 minutes.. Or stir by using spatula for approximately 3-4 minutes. b. Do not keep the speed of softening machine too high c. Add sufficient quantity of solder paste on stencil. d. Keep the container of solder paste air-tight to avoid moisture interruption. Otherwise, moisture interruption may result in solder balls/flakes. Standard printing condition is as follows: Screen — >Flat and smooth metal stencil Squeeze–> Urethane flat type (hardness: 80 , Angle 60º) Speed of printing –> 20 ~ 40 mm / sec. Printing pressure –> 1 ~ 2 kg /om2 (Depends on printing machine ) Ambience –> 22 ~ 26 ºC , RH 50 – 70 *******Do not expose the solder paste for longer time otherwise it may get dried which will result in components dropping .******* The rate of rising temperature: 1~3ºC/sec. Preheat time: 90 – 120 seconds Preheat temperature : 160 º C – 175

Item Weight:500 Grams
Date First Available:10 April 2019
Manufacturer:Global Statclean Systems
Item part number:GSS155
Country of Origin:India
Manufacturer:Global Statclean Systems
Item Weight:500 g

Package content: – 500 gm

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