Heavy Duty Aluminium Heat Sink 300MM (L) X 97MM(W) X 33MM(H)

Price: ₹ 1,800.00 - ₹ 1,240.00
(as of Dec 01,2022 01:33:28 UTC – Details)

This is a heavy duty thick finned aluminium heat sink which can be used for amplifiers, cooling IGBT / MOSFET / SCR / TRIAC, Peltier modules etc. This heat sink can easily dissipate several watts of power even without a fan. Just choose the correct length you need for your application. It has a thick base for drilling holes and threading/tapping for various fastener sizes to mount heat producing parts easily. The fin gap is ideal for easy airflow and minimal dust accumulation.
can dissipate several watts of power
can be used to cool IGBT / MOSFET / TRIAC / SCR
can be used in making Amplifiers
can be used to cool Peltier Modules

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