Idealy 150W DC 12V Ip67 Waterproof LED Power Supply Driver Transformer Adapter for Lighting Strip with Outdoor

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Also applies to Monitoring Camera,Motor and Computer Projector

Q:Why doesn’t my LED power supply work ? Or work for a period of time and then stop work and finally get back to work?
A:Because the LED power supply have over voltage, short circuit protection and overload automatic protection function. When the power reaches or exceeds the max power of the LED power supply, (For example, 150W lamp use 150 power supply) the LED power supply will stop working but it is not broken, only the overload automatic protection started.
Therefore, In general, we recommend using 80% power.

Q:Why does it take about 3s for the LED power supply to work when the switch was turned on?
A:The power delay is to protect the LED power supply, usually the delay time is about 3 seconds.If it does not have time-delay protection, it will make the light very bright when power-on, and dim, and then light up again, and that’s is what we called “strobe”. This is something is invisible with the naked eye. Strobe cannot protect the LED power supply.

-Don’t open or modify the led power supply.
-Please leave children, kids far away from high voltage power source.
-Please use it under professional electrician’s guides.
-Any abuse or improper use will void warranty.

Notice: Input cord:3.3FT Output cord length:7.5inch

Output Voltage: 12V DC
* Output Current, Full Load:12.5A
* Output Power: 150W
* Input Voltage: 110-260 Volts AC 50/60Hz
Output Cord: brown:the positive pole(+) ; blue:the negative pole(-)

Certification: CE &ROHS
Working Temperature:-13℉-+104℉
Working Humidity:20%-+95%Rh No Condensation
Waterproof grade:IP67
NET. Weight:1.1LB

Package List:
1*LED Driver Transformer

Features:Led plug plate 150 watts max at 12 volts DC 12.5A electronic power supply for led strip lights;110VAC to 12VDC Low Voltage Output with 3-Prong Plug for Outdoor Use,this is constant voltage(not constant current) power supply
Waterproof: the 12V led buld power supply water resistant IP67 Waterproof suitable for use in damp locations and outdoors high efficiency long life and reliability
Security&Practical:the aluminum case ,the switching adapter Low-voltage design,over voltage protection, short circuit protection and overload protection.3.3 Feet wire leads 3-prong plug and slim & ultra-thin design, thickness is only 0.78inch for easy connections
Use Occasion:Suitable for the Led Light ,Led Strip Lights,Street Light,Survelillance Cameras,Fog-proof Light,Ceiling Lights,Frack Lights, Spotight,Billboard,kitchen cabinet lights and led landscape transformer ect
the mini led driver high quality with 18 Monthes, please contact us for replacement if you have any problems

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