INSIGNIA LABS Plastic CLAP Switch and Vibration Touch Based DC Motor Control KIT Project, Yellow

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The project is a fully assembled kit
The project includes a Mini Microphone & Piezo Vibration Touch Sensor which is interfaced with an amplifier circuit. A toggle switch is provided which will be used to toggle between Clap Sensor & Vibration Touch Sensor. If toggle switch is ON, then clap sensor is activated. If the user claps, the sound is received via MIC and gets amplified by the circuit. The signal is then passed though multivibrator circuit or known as Latch circuit. The final signal is provided to transistor which turns on the DC Motor via a relay. If user claps again then Motor turns OFF. Now if toggle switch is in OFF state, the Vibration Touch Sensor is activated. In that case if user knocks or shakes the sensor, Motor will turn on and if the user shakes it again the Motor will turn OFF..

Project Features
Fully Assembled project kit (Brown/Yellow PCB)
Slide switch on/off control on board
Transistor based circuit
Microphone Sensor & Piezo Vibration Touch Sensor Included
DC Motor interface
9V Battery Included
Includes Storage Box & Project Document

UNASSEMBLED KIT will be delivered on REQUEST (message us your request after the purchase)
Printed Circuit Board (which needs to be soldered)
Electronic Components for the project
Switching devices like Relay if any needed
Electrical interfaces like DC Motor/Fan/Bulb
Project Document with Abstract, Circuit & Schematic (needed during soldering)
Plastic Storage Box

PCB DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY LOGO OR TRADEMARK, Hence can easily be used for school/college project purposes

Project Working Video

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Clap Sensor & Vibration Touch Sensor Combo Circuit
Project Working Video:
Includes Project Circuit, Abstract & Explanation
Used for Educational Purposes

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