IS FM 76MHz-108MHz Soldering DIY Kits Stereo Radio FM Circuit PCB Board Solder Practice Project for School Labs Physics Science Educational

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FM Radio 76-108MHz


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Train Soldering Skill Learning Electonic Knowledge

FM 76MHz-108MHz Radio Receiver Soldering DIY kits

1. It is small body, powerful function.2. It is easy ot solder, because there is low component count.3. We upload the video clearly, even if you are a soldering beginner, there is not difficult.4. It will be a creative gift for your family, friends!5.It is usful for school to help students learn electronic knowledge, and it is also good for trainning students’ hand ability.


————————————-Excellent DIY FM Radio Soldering Kit FM 76MHz-108MHz —————————————-

It is a funny DIY Solder Kits —– FM RadioAudio Frequency: FM 76MHz-108MHzThere are 5 buttons, you can adjust the channel, volume, and turn on/off the device. In addition, there is a 3.5 mm headset jack. you need to prepare earphones by yourself.


————————————————Clear Silk Screen for component installation————————————————

There are clear marks to help you find the solder joint and solder it.High-quality PCB Board.Particularly suitable for use epoxy PCB soldering students use rather than for general use paper-based board!


————————–After you receive the parcel, these are all accessories! Please check it.——————————

After you receive the parcel, please check all the accessories, if some of them are lost, do not worry, please contact via amazon, we will arrange the new replacement for you right now! ( Shipping from the USA)After you finished the project, the installed size: 57*32*20mm.

————————————-About soldering Kindly Tips:———————————-

The IC chip is very easy to damage by electrostatics, Please NOTE :1. DO NOT touch the chip directly with your hands.2. When soldering, wearing an electrostatic wristband to avoid damaging the chip; Or you can move IC Chip to the aluminum pan without any direct touch.3. DO NOT touch the chip directly with the soldering iron for a long time.


📻【Trainning Electronical Soldering Skills】 DIY FM radio soldering kits will help you understand the basics of working with printed circuit boards, at the same time, it will help you become familiar with a variety of electronic components, develop good soldering skills!
📻【Low power consumption】 With digital automatic gain control (AGC) circuitry makes receive signal more stable! In addition, low power consumption, a total current of about 19mA when powered by two AA batteries.
📻【Power failure memory function】 FM 76-108MHz,work voltage:DC3V. in addition, it supports radio station memory function, the next time you turn on the device, it will automatically return to the last time you turned off the radio station and volume.
📻【Clear silk screen for component installation】 There are clear silk screen for component installation on PCB to help you solder it, Particularly suitable for use epoxy PCB welding students use rather than for general use paper-based board!
📻【Icstation Supports Wholesale】 This product is DIY kits, not the end product! This Soldering Project requires basic electronic knowledge and hands-on ability. We have uploaded the user guide on the Amazon page at Technical Specification. At the same time, icstation has long been engaged in Electronics Related Products wholesale and retail business.

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