KEYESTUDIO Mini Tank Robot V2 Smart Car Kit for Arduino, Light/Ultrasonic Follow, IR Infrared and Bluetooth Wireless Remote Electronic DIY Robotics Kit for Adults, Support iOS Android BLE Control

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Product Description

tank robottank robot

tank ROBOTtank ROBOT


This Mini tank robot is essentially a two-drive tracked vehicle. It is mainly based on the keyestudio R3 control board, L298P driver shield and sensor shield V5, no soldering and easy to play. It’s great for robot lovers and arduino engineering enthusiasts to learn electronics, programming robotics.

According to the kind comments and suggestions, we have improved the instructions and functions to learn the tank robot. ALL of the small parts for robot projects are labeled so that you can install the robot easily and conveniently.

This item instead teaches the basics of the Arduino while displaying the mechanics of this robotic robot. The tank robot is equipped with all kinds of materials, technical manuals, routines, etc., and teaches you from entry to proficiency.

Every electronic enthusiast can easily get started and realize the functions they want. This tank robot is a DIY kit that helps kids with fostering creativity and inspires imagination. The best gift for you!

Apart from these, the technical support is always on time.

arduino robot kitarduino robot kit


Support Bluetooth APP iOS/Android

It’s pretty simple and easy to navigate your own tank robot with Bluetooth APP.

Download the keyestudio Tank_Car APP direct from the Google Play or your iOS APP store.

Go front, back, turn left, right, stop.

Follow light, avoid obstacles, infrared remote control, etc.

Easy Programming Tools for Endless Fun!

The robot tank is multi-functional and programable, which supports Arduino IDE programming. This is definitely an excellent experience for the beginners of Arduino.

This kit also comes with four different animal expression cardboards for you to decorate the ultrasonic sensor.

The led matrix panel on the front can show what direction the robot runs or show you a sweet smile.

Great tank car STEM kit for kids that love assembling robots by themselves and program.

For open-source Arduino coding environment!

Comes with LED matrix display to show running status

Build your unique tracked robot and explore more functions!

Develop and nurture an interest in robotics, computer science and engineering!

There’s a bevy of sensors (light source, ultrasonic distance) and communication ports (infrared, usb)

Great project for kids that like to build! The best electronics STEM kit for kids to understand how things are assembled and how computers and robots work with programming

light follow

light follow

arduino robot kit

arduino robot kit

arduino robot kit

arduino robot kit

arduino robot

arduino robot

Light Follow

Using two photo-resistors are a great way to have light control of your project.

You can use the light source to tell the robot in what direction to move or move straight.

Ultrasonic Follow

If there is an obstacle in front, tank robot will move forward or backward with the obstacle. If there is an obstacle on the left or right side, tank robot will turn left or right with obstacle. The 8X16 LED matrix panel will lit and show motion icon.

Obstacle Avoidance

The mini tank robot will avoid obstacles ahead of it automatically with the ultrasonic sensor on the platform by sending waves and calculating the distance. Keep your tank robot away from collision and enjoy the distance coding.

Infrared/Bluetooth Remote Control

Available to use the infrared remote control or Bluetooth APP to navigate your own mini tank robot. You can choose iOS or Android Bluetooth APP to realize multiple functions.


Photo Resistor

A photo-resistor or light-dependent resistor (LDR) or photocell is a light-controlled variable resistor. The resistance of photo-resistor varies with incident light intensity. Add this sensor on the tank robot to detect the light source.

ir receiverir receiver

IR Receiver

The infrared receiver module is mainly composed of an infrared receiving head. It has only three pins (Signal, VCC, GND), very convenient to communicate with Arduino and other microcontrollers.

led matrixled matrix

8×16 LED Matrix Panel

The matrix panel has 128 bright LEDs arranged in 8×16 on the front. On the back there are a AIP1640 chip and a 4Pin interface (GND, VCC, SDA, SCL). Add this matrix to show the motion status of tank robot.

bluetooth modulebluetooth module

HM-10 Bluetooth-4.0 Module

It is a master-slave machine. When used as the Host, it can send commands to the slave actively; when used as the Slave, it can only receive commands from the host. Supporting Bluetooth 4.0; supports both iOS and Android system.

This kit is well made with all components neatly and safely packaged. Instructions are easy to follow. This toy is perfect for kids that like to build stuff! Enjoy hands on learning!

robot kit

robot kit

tank robot

tank robot

robot tank

robot tank


Package Box

There is a lot of stuff of good quality and the instructions in this little box.

Get started with assembling this mini tank robot and programming it to run! Don’t hesitate to deserve it!

This robot kit is suitable for users over the age of 12 who have a theoretical foundation of electronic programming. No welding is required, compatible arduino programming platforms, which is easy to get started. Please Note : The 18650 battery is NOT included in the kit. users need to prepare two 18650 batteries by yourselves.
STEM EDUCATION: Mini Tank Robot brings children and people closer to technology, they learn the logical connection between code and action, understand how its components, and electronics work.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Light Follow Tank, Ultrasonic Follow Tank, Ultrasonic Avoiding, Infrared Remote Control, Bluetooth Control Tank
HM-10 Bluetooth module: Bluetooth APP supports both iOS and Android system; add a 8X16 LED panel for showing motion status.
EASY TO BUILD AND CODE: easy to install the robot, easy programming software, Very suitable for beginners with a theoretical foundation of electronic programming, schools and workshops. How to get the English manual? please search for “KEYESTUDIO KS0428 ” in Google Chrome.

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