LED Electronic Soldering Kit, PEMENOL Colorful RGB Music Light Tower Fun DIY Kit with Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control for Welding Exercises

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PEMENOL Wireless BLE Colorful RGB LED Display Tower 3W Amplifier Infrared Remote Control Electronic DIY Kit



LED Tower is imitated from Guangzhou Tower.

Guangzhou Tower, also known as Guangzhou new TV tower, nickname XiaoManYao.

It is the tallest building in Guangzhou, the design of the tower is very characteristic, especially in the night under the lighting decoration, it is beautiful.

Now it is a landmark in Guangzhou. How can such a beautiful building can not let people heart. We combined with the single-chip micro-chip display technology, we can make the beauty of the Guangzhou Tower.

We use STC15F2K60S2 as a control system, the display part is 16*16 dot matrix display, through the production of the Guangzhou Tower, can better enhance the micro-controller on the principle of dot matrix display.



USB Charging

Remote Control

Bluetooth Audio Controller

Animation Spectrum Work Mode

MP3 Play Mode

Power-off Memory Playback

Built-in 3W Amplifier

Audio Output

TF Card Audio Input

MP3+WAV Lossless Decoding

More than 35 Animation Flashes

More than 8 Spectrum Flashes

More than 10-minute Comprehensive Animation Display

Adjustable Animation Flash Speed

Adjustable Spectrum Display Sensitivity




It is strongly recommended to read the installation manual before starting installation!!!

3W Amplifier Infrared Remote Control Electronic DIY Kit


1>. 16*16 led lattice design

2>. A variety of modes can be freely converted:

2.1>.Offline animation mode(More than a dozen)

2.2>.Music spectrum mode(Flash with music)

3>. Plug-in components used to make a high success rate

4>. The default code inside the chip, the function is more abundant, So please do not update the code inside arbitrarily!


Wireless BLE Colorful RGB LED Display Tower


Work Voltage:DC 4.5V~5.5V

Work Current:1300mA

Work Module:Bluetooth and Remote Controller

Work Temperature:-40℃~85℃

Work Humidity:0%~95%RH


(Different people installed, the height will be slightly different).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q>Why some of the LED in the same layer or in the same column can not be bright?
A>The pin is not soldered firmly or missing.Please check out the soldered pins and fix them again
Q>Why a column or a layer is not bright?
A>Please refer to the schematic, find the corresponding chip, re-soldering the pin

Schematic diagram

Installation Tips:
Installation Tips:

Installation Tips

1>.User needs to prepare the welding tool at first.

2>.Please be patient until the installation is complete.

3>.The package is DIY kit.It need finish install by user.

4>.The soldering iron can’t touch the components for a long time(1.0 second), otherwise it will damage the components.

5>.Pay attention to the positive and negative of the components.

6>.Strictly prohibit short circuit.

7>.This DIY installation is more difficult to be installed, please be patient until the installation is complete!!!

8>.User must install the LED according to the specified rules.Otherwise some LED will not light.

9>.Install complex components preferentially.

10>.Make sure all components are in right direction and right place.

11>.Check that all of the LED can be illuminated

12>.It is strongly recommended to read the installation manual before starting installation!!!

The Installation Manual is below the Technical Specification

Installation Tips:
Installation Tips:


*Training welding skills

*Student school

*DIY production

*Project Design

*Electronic competition

*Holiday gifts

*Crafts collection

*Home decoration

*Souvenir collection

*Graduation design









STEM Soldering Project

The RGB LEDs’ installation is challenging and requires patience and carefulness. It’s a great DIY solder kit to excercise the hands-on ability and soldering skills for any STEM student.

Perfect Gift for Electronics Lovers

This was a super fun kit for electronics lovers to learn mechanical aptitude and soldering skills. So take it as a perfect gift for them!

Interest Arousing

It can stimulate children’s learning interest and thinking learning ability. A good mechanical skills training kit for your kids and families. Note: Please use it correctly under the guidance of electronic specializer or electronic diy experience adult.

Home Decoration

This is a multi-functional Led soldering kit, it can be used as the best decoration for home bedroom decoration, experiencing a fantastic LED music and light show.

🗼Support memory card, U disk, MP3 play music:The LED Tower with three modes, Bluetooth mode, memory card, U disk, multiple modes can be switched at will. What’s more, it Built-in audio, no need for external speakers
🗼With Remote Control: The Wireless BLE Colorful RGB LED Display Tower with Remote Control and Support Bluetooth audio transmission, 15M effective distance. Music, spectrum, animation, functions, and debugging are all controlled wirelessly
🗼Challenging Assembly, Exercise Hands-on Ability: This was a super fun and challenging kit for you and your kids, students, electronics lovers to practice their hands-on ability and soldering skills. The connection that was clearly mapped and labeled on the board makes it easy to assemble. The RGB LEDs’ installation is challenging and requires patience and carefulness. No programming is required. NOT FOR BEGINNERS!
🗼Perfect choice of decoration and DIY gift: This is DIY kits, not the end product! The soldering Project requires basic electronic knowledge and hands-on ability. You will get a fantastic LED music light show when you complete the assembly. Very beautiful for decoration and suitable as a gift

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