MICTUNING 12V Fuse Relay Switch Harness Set – 30A ATO ATC Blade Fuse, 5 Pin SPST Automotive Electrical Relays with Heavy Duty 14 AWG Wires – 6 Pack

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Product Description

MICTUNING 12V Fuse Relay Switch Harness Set MICTUNING 12V Fuse Relay Switch Harness Set

If the operating current is large, will generate a lot of heat to burn the switch. So here comes MICTUNING Automotive Relay to handle with high current applications. The automotive relay is an electronic control device, usually used in an automatic control circuit. It is in fact an “automatic switch” that controls a large current through a small current. It has the function of automatic adjustment, safety protection, and conversion circuit.

Wide Application:

Suits for all automobiles and devices equipped with a 12 Volt DC power source. Used in led work light, fog lamps, starter, wiper, fans, speakers, central locking, alarm, electric windows, etc.

Instruction of Relays and Harness Sockets:

-85: Connected to the ground chassis. Serves as the common ground connection to activate and magnetize the internal coil. -86: Connected to a positive 12V DC input. This is where a switch connected to 12V DC input will be connected to on the relay. When power is sent to the relay through pin 86, the circuit is completed with pin 85 connected to a common ground, which activates and magnetizes the internal coil. -87: Normally open contact, also known as NO.The connection between pin 87 and pin 30 is only made when the internal coil is activated or magnetized. -30: Common contact which can be connected to a 12V DC power input or to the ground chassis depending on the desired application.

-87a: High Power Output-Normally Closed Contact.

Product Content:

6 * Relays 6 * Relay Harnesses 6 * Blade Fuses

MICTUNING 12V Fuse Relay Switch Harness SetMICTUNING 12V Fuse Relay Switch Harness Set

Upgraded Version – Automotive relays built in fuse socket with included 30A blade fuse, no need of a separate fuse holder, saving space and money. Heavy duty 14AWG wires for main contact
Easy Wiring – The relay sockets come with color-labeled wires for loads/accessories convenient wiring. Black – Ground (85), Red – VDC (30), White – Trigger (86), Blue – Output N/O (87),Green-87a Output Closed Contact
Neat Mounting Design – The interlocking design of unique male-female slot on each socket edge, easy to connect all relays together, offering clean and neat installation
Good Construction – 12V DC ([email protected] DC) and 30A High Switching Capability. Bosch style 4-Pin SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) Relay. Metal mounting bracket on the electrical relay promotes easy installation
Wide Application – Wide range of use, greatly used for car lights, fog lamps, wiper, starter, fans, speakers, traction control systems, etc

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