ONCRO® Black Motherboard Power Supply Tester Computer PC 24 pin 20 pin 8 pin 6 pin 4 pin for PSU, ATX, SATA, HDD, SMPS, PC, Floppy with LED Indicator Light

Price: ₹ 899.00 - ₹ 468.00
(as of Jan 27,2023 10:41:02 UTC – Details)

The Oncro Power Supply Tester is a Robust Voltage,Tester for PC-Power Supply. Protect Your Computer from Damage.Green LED display lights-up when your devices is running smoothly. Easy to use, plug-in design.The Operation Instruction on The Face of Tester.

* Connectors: Floopy, HDD, CDROM, SATA,4 pin (P4),8 pin(Dual CPU),6 pin(PCI-Express).
* Voltage source: 20/24PIN (ATX Connector)
* Color: Black

How to Use:
(1) Connect power supply.
(2) Insert the 24P (20P) plug of the tested power source into the 24P (20P) socket corresponding to the power tester.
(3) Check the 7 lights on the right (+3.3, -12V, PG, +5VSB, +12V, -5V, +5V), all on is good.
(4) Plug the power HDD into the power tester HDD socket, to check the left 2 lights (+12, +5V) is bright, all on is good.
(5) Unplug the HDD plug from the power tester and plug in the P4 (P6/P8) plug to the corresponding P4 (P6/P8) socket to check the light (+12V) on the left.
(6) Unplug the P4 (P6/P8) plug from the power tester, and plug in the FLOPPY (floppy) plug to the corresponding FLOPPY socket, to check the 2 lights on the left (+12V, +5V), all on is good.
(7) Pull out the FLOPPY plug from the power tester, then insert the SATA plug into the corresponding SATA socket, check the 3 lights on the left (+12V, +3.3V, +5V), all on is good.

Package Included:
1pc x 20/24 4/6/8 Pin Power Supply Tester

👉🏻 CONVENIENT – It checks to the voltage on all wires to ensure that the power supply is functioning properly. Power tester fully supports ATX, BTX, ITX power. Plug the power connector into this power tester and you will know immediately if something goes wrong.
👉🏻 WIDELY USED – It allows you to quickly diagnose or troubleshoot power problems, which are the first things to check when diagnosing computer problems. Check the 20 / 24-pin ATX (motherboard) power supply, SATA (hard disk) power supply, Molex (old hard drive) power supply, Mini-molex (floppy disk) power supply and 6-pin PCI-e (graphics card) connector.
👉🏻 MULTIPLE FUNCTION – Fault alarm, LED display, complete test interface, small and beautiful appearance, complete test functions, etc. Easy to use, just plug in connectors and green LED illuminate to show which pins are getting power.
👉🏻 EASY TO USE – The operation instruction on the face of tester Connectors: Floopy,HDD,CDROM,SATA,4PIN(P4),8PIN,6PIN.Power supply will automatically turn on when connected.

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