Power Converter 2300W International Voltage Converter Step Down 220V/240V to 110V/120V Travel Adapter Transformer w/ 4 USB 3 AC Outlets 6 Worldwide Plugs EU/US/AU/IT/UK/India for Electronics – White

Price: $45.94
(as of Dec 01,2022 04:04:28 UTC – Details)

☛CAN’T work w/ Electronic Controlled devices operated by smart chip, auto on/off, touch screen, timer or pulse function.

✤Why you need a Power Converter?✤
➤As long as you travel outside US, you gonna need a power converter for charging or using your electronics.
➤A step down voltage converter helps you to use your US 110V electronics in other 220V-240V countries.
➤Voltage converter and travel adapter will be life-saver when you’re in other countries, unless you can’t be able to use any electronics.

✤Why Our Converter Worth a BUY?✤
➤Our step down voltage converter will definitely assure the using of non-dual voltage devices while you’re traveling abroad.
➤Our worldwide 2-in-1 power converter travel adapter set comes with 6 types of adapter EU/UK/IT/AU/US/India, they almost cover the whole world’s plug type.
➤Our travel power transformer designed with protection system and also the cooling fan for safety using.
➤As a converter, travel adapter, it supports usb and ac outlets for electronics using, it will satisfy all your charging need during the trip.

✤What should be aware of?✤
!!!Total power of devices must be under 2300W (26W above) !!!
!!!Only for 90-120v devices, NOT for 220-240v devices directly!!!
!!!Only use for MECHANICAL CONTROLLED devices!!!
!!!NOT for Electronic Controlled devices operated by smart chip, auto on/off, touch screen, timer or pulse function!!!

➤Input: 220-240V 
➤Output: 90-120V 
➤1 x QC 3.0 Port 
➤1 x Type-C Port 
➤2 x USB Ports 
➤3 x AC Outlets

✤What Will You Get?✤
➤1 x Voltage Converter 
➤1 x EU Cable Plug
➤1 x UK Adapter
➤1 x AU Adapter
➤1 x US Adapter
➤1 x India Adapter
➤1 x India Adapter
➤1 x User Manual

➽Power Converter w/ 6 Travel Adapters ➾ Our worldwide voltage converter helps to step down 240V/220V to 120V/110V, comes with EU cable plug and AU/IT/UK/US/India travel adapters, which almost cover 150 and even more countries, it makes you to charge or use your CA standard 110V electronics when travel to any 220V countries all over the world
➽Upgraded High Power Makes MORE Devices Working ➾ With high 2300W total power, our converter will be able to compatible with more electronics, not only work on cell phone, laptop, tablet, blue-tooth speaker, but for cooking machine, hair dryer, air purifier, rice cooker, electric kettle, etc., as long as your devices are mechanical controlled and between 26W – 2300W
➽Special Design Voltage Converter Kit for the Travel ➾ Portable compact size and all-in one design makes this power transformer a great and must-have companion for overseas travel. With 3 AC outlets and 4 USB ports which also including Type-C & QC charging, you can use it to charge multiple devices in a time, even for a family travel, you’re free to charge or use your electronics without limitations
➽2-in-1 Voltage Converter Travel Adapter ➾ Universal power converter and also adapter are both must-have items for traveling abroad, this is the only way to assure that you can use your 110V non-dual voltage electronics in outside US, and now we provide them in ONE for you! With 2-year-limited warranty, our 2-in-1 converter adapter kit is definitely a worth to buy
➽Protect Your Devices while Using a Converter ➾ Safety Guaranteed is including in our converter. Designed with over-voltage, over-current, over temperature, short circuit protection, surge protection and also inside cooling fan, this power converter will run in a stable condition to support security devices using, you don’t have to worry about the damage of your devices or fuse of hotel anymore
➽Only for 90-120v devices, NOT for 220-240v devices directly
➽Only use for MECHANICAL CONTROLLED devices
➽NOT for Electronic Controlled devices operated by smart chip, auto on/off, touch screen, timer or pulse function

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