Techwiz W1209 Combo of Temprature Sensor & controller With 3” Exhaust Fan(2) & 12v/1A Power Adaptor including Crocodile Clips

Price: ₹ 1,600.00 - ₹ 699.00
(as of Nov 30,2022 14:20:49 UTC – Details)

The W1209 is an incredibly low cost yet highly functional thermostat controller. With this module you can intelligently control power to most types of electrical device based on the temperature sensed by the included high accuracy NTC temperature sensor. Although this module has an embedded microcontroller no programming knowledge is required. 3 tactile switches allow for configuring various parameters including on & off trigger temperatures. The on board relay can switch up to a maximum of 240V AC at 5A or 14V DC at 10A. The current temperature is displayed in degrees Centigrade via its 3 digit seven segment display and the current relay state by an on board LED. 12V operated fan. Axial fans blow air along the axis of the fan, or parallel to the track of the blade axis. DC axial fans are found in a variety of applications, including computing, servers, telecommunication cabinets, and any type of equipment where the need for thermal control is necessary for the improved reliability and life extension of the components that are included in the system. Uncontrolled heat generated by electronic devices will not only decrease the performance of any system, but will ultimately lead to complete system failure. In order to prevent this catastrophe from occurring, it is imperative that your equipment be designed with an efficient cooling system in mind. This system will not only be crucial to heat dissipation but will also contribute to the stability and long life of the equipment itself. This is where a DC fan with a well designed cooling path becomes one of the most important components of any equipment. Heat dissipation for the prevention of premature failure is by far the most crucial part of any electronic system design, and a DC fan is one of the best tools available to keep your electronic devices performing at top operational shape. DC fan functions best under a low pressure or low system impedance environment. With reduced fan speed the noise produced by an axial f

Date First Available:9 August 2020
Item part number:tech_w12
Country of Origin:India

Measurement Accuracy: 0.1 ° C, Refresh rate: 0.5 S
Input Power: DC12V
Output: 1 Channel relay output, capacity = 10A
It can control some of the power equipment through the relay

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