UPLUS 6V 5AH Vrla Battery for Toys (Black)

Price: ₹ 800.00 - ₹ 550.00
(as of Dec 09,2022 09:41:11 UTC – Details)

UPlus 6v 4.5ah Vrla Battery for Toys, Weighing machine. Let’s understand what is a battery and what precautions buyer needs to take. 1. Battery is a power source with definite life. Charge the battery at least once in 15 days, else battery may get fully discharged and damaged. 2. Charge the battery for 6-7 hours precisely. Overcharging for 10-12 hours will have bulging effect in battery and eventually battery will be dead. 3. In case your battery is NOT getting charged, don’t panic. Check your charger which must be faulty, it should give you an output which should be at least 15% above the rated voltage of battery. i.e. If you are using a 6V battery, your charger should give output voltage of at least 7V. Still have questions, reach out to us by email or phone.

PbCaSN Alloy for plate grids: less gassing, less self – discharging.
High quality AGM separator, : extended cycle life and prevent micro short circuits,
ABS Material : Increase the strength of battery container, (flame- retardant ABS is optional)
High purity Raw Material : Ensure low self discharge rate, Silver -Coated terminals (T1, T2 Terminal) Brass insert terminals and lead terminals improve the electric connectivity.

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