VGRASSP Children’s DIY Toy Set Kit (Finger Print Sensor)

Price: ₹ 999.00 - ₹ 549.00
(as of Feb 02,2023 19:57:30 UTC – Details)

Seeking and analyzing the fingerprint is the most familiar job for forensics. When people touch the object, there will be some grease or dried sweat left on the fingertip. In the same way, when the palm or toe touches the object, there will be some identifiable marks left. Every fingerprint is quite unique and never be the same. The line on the fingertip and the ridge line together form one piece of unique fingerprint logo. Even the father and son, mother and daughter, twin brothers, the fingerprints still have different finger thread characteristics. Through practice by your own hand, let your baby experience and percept the interesting fun from doing the experiment, cultivate children observation ability and scientific exploration spirit. Package includes: 1x Bottle for fingerprint powder 1x brush 1x Fingerprint pad 1x Stamp pad 1x Magnifier 1x Blower 1x Pair of goggles 1x Working Badge 1x Case record card(In built manual) 1x Adhesive tape
Finding and analysing fingerprints are probably the most well known forensic works. Each fingertip has a pattern of fine skin ridges that are slightly different for every person – even identical twins.
Let’s start the game! Let the police investigation from the smooth small windowsill, desktop, go find a fingerprint glass, through the collection, collation, and then determine the fingerprint belongs to which “suspect”
The package includes : 1 Bottle for fingerprint powder, 1 brush, 1 Fingerprint pad, 1 Stamp pad, 1 Magnifier, 1 Blower, 1 Pair of goggles, 1 Working Badge, 1 Case record card(In built manual) and 1 clear Adhesive tape.

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